Model Set 


Full Marks(100)                                       


Total No of question  =100+30+8=138

1 =     Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as far as practicable

2     Figures in the right hand margin indicate full marks. 

3      15 minutes of extra time has been allotted for the candidates to read the questions and follow the instructions carefully

4   This question paper has two section: Section-A and Section-B

5     In Section- A there are 100 objective type questions, out of which

any 50 questions are to be answered. First 50 answers will be 

evaluated by the computer in case more than 50 questions are 

answered. Each question carries 1 mark. Darken the circle with 

blue/ Black ball pen against the correct option on OMR Answer 

sheet provided to you. Do not use whitener/ Liquid/ Blade/ Nail etc. 

on OMR- Sheet, otherwise the result will be invalid.

6- [k.M&c esa 30 y?kqmÙkjh; iz’u gSa] ftuea s ls fdUgha 15 iz’uksa dk mÙkj 

6=   In Section-B, there are 30 short answer type questions, each 

question carries 2 marks, out of which any 15 questions are to be 

answered. Apart from this, there are 8 Long Answer Type questions 

each question carries 5 marks, Out of which any 4 questions are to be 


7   =Use of any electronic appliances is strictly prohibited.

           Section- A (Objective Type Questions)

Question No.- 1 to 100 have four options, out of which only one is 

correct. Answer any 50 questions. You have to mark, your selected option, 

on the OMR-Sheet. Each question carries 1 (one) mark. 100×1=(100)   

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